Reinvent yourself, My journey

I started to write this about reinventing yourself since most of my clients are doing just that.

Then I thought that maybe it would be interesting to know that I did this eight years ago.

That transformative journey doesn’t always start with a clear goal in mind. It could begin when something needs to change. I was stuck in a daily time loop. Nothing is changing, yet needing everything to change. My weight, my hair, my clothes, my job, the way I am parenting, my finances. My overall lack of joy in life. Jeesh! I was overwhelmed with where to begin.

There are tips everywhere as to how to fix your life, right?

1. We have Self-reflection as number one. Check. I got kinda of lost there, traveling for many years on that circling road. The lyrics“Once in a Lifetime” by the Talking Heads would play in my head.

2. Tip number two: Set clear goals. 

For me, it was to go back to my original plans before all those challenges of family, money, health, and children diverted my attention.

I studied Photography and Filmmaking. I went to Art school. Although I would not trade those years for anything, I loved and hated it so much; Art school does not prepare you for life. The essentials of everyday life. Money, job, you know, the hard part. Health is a big challenge that can change your plans. My health in my twenties was not the best. I set clear goals that originated from my original life plans.

3. Tip number three: Be willing to change. Overwhelmingly uncomfortable. 

I was always in a slight state of embarrassment. Here is where things can get overwhelming. I had to figure out what it would take to get where I wanted to be. I was overweight and too weak to hold up a camera with a 200mm lens without shaking. So I started there. Nine months later, I felt pretty good. I could go into detail about this, but I don’t want to bore you. Just suffice to say, I was too scared to fail and make a fool of myself even though I felt foolish all the time. Then, I took a big dream and made it work for the life I have now.

4. Tip number four: Learning 

I had to learn the digital, online world when I was raised in the manual, analog world. It was cool to learn how easy life was with these new tools. Smartphones, online business-to-business platforms, free website startups, and everything you want to know and don’t are on YouTube. A-mazing!

5. Tip number 5: Networking 

 You need to find your people or just one person to start. You can’t do much in this world alone. I held a job I did not like for most of my adult life, but the people I worked with were the best. These women were the first I asked to help me build a portfolio and help me by explaining the current social technology. I thank my Computer engineer sons for all things computer-related.Oldest childhood friends for support. It can take a village, but embarrassment aside, you must ask for help.

6. Tip number six: Setbacks?

I never really saw this change as having anything as a setback. I saw myself as just plain stupid and needing to figure this problem out. I wish I had this attitude my whole life. I did have other things that again made it hard to focus. I would say that being of an age, I have had time to Practice not letting small obstacles become big obstacles.

7. Tip number seven: It is a journey and not a race to finish. 

It is deeply personal, and there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success.

8. Tip number eight: Success is in the mind of the beholder. I am meeting my goals, so I feel successful.

9. Tip number nine: If you made it this far, Then come see me for the new you Headshot.