I have had the privilege of photographing hundreds of individuals and companies. My education and experience span decades. Customer service and client satisfaction is the highest priority. Headshots are now a vital addition to your online presence. Louise Erdeljohn Photography is a photography studio specializing in headshot photography so that I can be the best at getting up close and personal. I am particularly aware of hard it is for you to face the camera and accept yourself as beautiful as you are. There is nowhere to hide. No background to share the space. It is really just me and you and light. I will let you see the best you imaginable. You will be happily surprised with yourself.

How I work

I have made some hard decisions and big changes in how I am moving forward because of and during COVID 19. I will continue to work but as of now, my hours will be more limited. As always, I book only one client in the morning and one in the afternoon, this will continue.

After initial contact by you through email, phone, or text, I respond and together we clarify your needs and book a day time. I then send you further information which includes a contract. The contract is vital, not only to spell out the cost and your interests but includes my satisfaction guarantee. Also, the contract includes ownership and usage rights specifications that have been decided between us beforehand.

On the day of your session, I am not very concerned with time. It takes as long as it takes. I have a changing room. We take breaks. We look over the progress and make decisions together. Once we have finished, my work continues. I process and retouch each image. This means that your images are not accessed immediately. A rush is less than 36 hours. You will be notified through your email and given a link to your gallery of finished images.

I began with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Kansas City Art Institute. I was a Child Portrait Film photographer for many years. When I can, I love to garden and to photograph the beautiful Arboretums of this country.