What to expect.

Expect to be treated professionally. Expect to be treated as an individual and not a one-size-fits-all all approach. Expect that doing the best job possible is my only goal. Expect that we take our time to achieve the results we both want. Expect consideration and timely delivery. Expect above all else that your experience will be a positive one.

Executives / business

Business and Linkedin. Easily customizable.

prices begin $150


Headshots / Website session
Offers flexibility and customization while covering all needs.

Prices begin $295


Tailored for School admissions /Job search.



Custom portraits session fee does not include digital file or prints.

Session fee $295

Corporate Headshots/ Commercial

For Corporate Headshots and Commercial/ Personal Branding/e-commerce

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Is the studio sanitary?

Yes, Always has been. I follow all Covid 19 protocols.
I limit my bookings to a maximum of two sessions per day. One morning session, one afternoon.  One of the benefits of this is that it means no people are coming and going constantly, it’s a private studio, so there’s generally only a couple of people in there all day long, there are no other photographers and nobody in there who hasn’t booked their session in advance, which makes it easy to disinfect the studio between shooting.

What to wear?

Patterns make be great in everyday wardrobe, it is not always the best for a photo shoot. Patterns can be distracting. Keep patterns low key. Also, it's not necessary to wear all the same color. Find a color range that plays nicely alone and with the group is always best.
Disclaimer alert!!! If we have created a photo shoot that centers around bold self expression, by all means, go forth and be bold!

How will I view my photos after our session?

Immediately after photographing you, I begin the process. Please allow up to 14 days before I set up your gallery review. Once complete you will receive an email with your private gallery link.

How many photos can I expect in my gallery?

I go through your entire session frame by frame and choose the most perfect images to add to your gallery.Yes, you may have heard my shutter click more times than you have photos but this is because I have taken out the images that have imperfections or those not to my standards.

Will I receive a photo of every pose we did?

No. Sometimes a pose does not work out the way we intended it to, so not all poses will be included in the final file. My job is to offer high-quality images rather than deliver quantity. You can see and contribute to the editing process with me.

Will you be providing unedited images?

It is my policy that no unedited images will be given to clients for any reason. Your gallery will include photos of the best ones. Those will be edited and available, but no other images, including unedited or raw files, will be provided.

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