Occasionally, I come across a job that profoundly resonates with me and leaves a lasting impression. Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a couple who were preparing for their eventual passing. This made me think about the legacy we leave behind for our loved ones. Have you ever considered what you would want to leave as a lasting memory for your children or loved ones? As a portrait and headshot photographer, I believe a visual representation is a powerful way to create a lasting memory. Be it a painting, drawing, or photograph, it can evoke a visceral response and leave a significant impact. I want to share the story of Mr. and Mrs. Graham, a beautiful couple facing terminal cancer together. While I was photographing them, their two daughters silently cried behind me as they witnessed the love and affection shared between their parents. Despite their difficult situation, the couple continued to whisper sweet nothings to each other, expressing their love and admiration. It was both incredibly hard and easy to capture their love on camera. I often think about Mr. and Mrs. Graham and the memories they left behind.