It’s important to address COVID-19, and assure you that hygiene and cleanliness is the #1 priority. My studio is disinfected between every client. It’s a private, appointment- only studio with very minimal foot traffic, usually just a couple of people per day, making social distancing easy. Trust that I will not have an elevated temperature. Please monitor your own temperature before arrival. You will of course not be wearing a mask. Alcohol spray and wipes are available for you. No one will be touching you. You will have verbal direction and my lens length affords me a safe distance. Getting you great headshots is always my #1 priority, now; the priority is our health and the health of our families. 


Confident, Approachable, Clean, Modern, Refined.


louise erdeljohn photography is a Headshot / Portrait Studio specializing in studio, location, professional portrait, professional headshots, for Linkedin, actors, small business, entrepreneurs, companies and graduates and couples. I use simple backgrounds and good lighting techniques for a clean modern approach that keeps the focus on you.