Confident, Approachable, Clean, Modern, Refined.

Welcome! I have one goal in mind: Photograph you beautifully. What I do best is make you look and feel good.

Louise Erdeljohn Photography is a Headshot / Portrait Studio specializing in studio, location, professional portrait, and professional headshots for LinkedIn, actors, small businesses, entrepreneurs, companies, graduates, and couples. I use simple backgrounds and good lighting techniques for a clean, modern approach that keeps the focus on you.

I have a Portrait studio, not a traditional Photography studio. It is a Photography studio as defined by the lights, the camera, and backdrops. It is not a studio if you define a Photography studio as a brick-and-mortar business with a sign hanging out front. I have a different vision that works with my lifestyle. My studio is a Portrait Studio made for comfort. My studio is for me and you. My studio is relaxed and creative with music and laughter. My studio is professional. My studio has light coming from the north. Perfect. My studio has everything a client would need, from the dressing room to the kitchen. My studio is everything I love therefore, it is conducive for me to be my most creative for you. Working the way I do has afforded me the ability to grow and change and to never feel stagnant. I see the Portrait as a complex and infinitely interesting subject. My only limitation is my skills and vision. I try to be consistent in the work I offer to my clients so they are comfortable knowing that I will provide them with something familiar. I also need to continually challenge myself and grow.